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28 Apr 2014
Lines & neon lights @...

It seems like I’m having this little obsession with lines and neon lights… Anyhow. Nen Xavier = one of my favorite (because: cool and friendly) shops in Rotterdam!

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15 Apr 2014
At Piet Hein Eek

Piet Hein Eek is another place you should visit when in Eindhoven. Piet Hein Eek designs and manufactures furniture and other things, most famous of which are his scrapwood objects. Not all of his designs are my style, but I can really appreciate his way of working, which is about combining uncommon materials and also Read more…

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08 Apr 2014
Cool lamp @ Mangiare

Mangiare is the perfect spot in Rotterdam for treating yourself on a delicious Italian lunch and afterwards having a look in the lovely and friendly shop of Nen Xavier just across the street (the Van Oldebarneveltstraat, which is close to the – new!! cool!! – central station).

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29 Mar 2014
Tour de Holland Part II: E...

So, on day 2 of our little design/culture/culinary tour we went (first) to… Eindhoven! Why Eindhoven??!! you might think, but if you skip the ugly city centre and go straight to the Strijp S area and surroundings, Eindhoven can be so cool!!! Strijp S used to locate the factories of Dutch electronic giant Philips. After Read more…

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14 Jan 2014
Natural beauty

As much as I love nature, at the end culture really inspires me the most. It just pleases me more aesthetically, at least generally. I’ve travelled a bit and although I have always loved it to be surrounded by nothing but nature (which can contain such awesomeness – think the vast landscapes of Mongolia, the Read more…

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12 Dec 2013
A weekend in… Antwer...

Pretty jewelry and interior at Wouters & Hendrix.

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09 Dec 2013
A weekend in Antwerp…...

White on white at Studio #1, Room National

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08 Dec 2013
A weekend in… Antwer...

Beautiful art deco style interior by Gert Voorjans for Coccodrillo (a shoe shop not to be missed if you’re looking for pretty, high quality shoes) (and are not restricted by some budget ;) )

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14 Sep 2013
Green inspiration

@ restaurant LE:EN in Utrecht.

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