09 Aug 2016
Maria (II)

Last time I saw Maria, in October 2014, she was still working underground. Literally, since her workshop was then in a basement (a cosy one, nothing but good things about the basement). Meanwhile things have changed. You could say that two babies have been born: one is mine (Oscar), the other Maria’s new, overground workshop which Read more…

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24 May 2016

WORLD OF EVA V. has moved! From now on you can find my images and thoughts here on Welcome! :)


18 Apr 2015
Is this heaven?

After the Antwerp afternoon with my friend Josja, I knew it was time to take it one step further: spending a day in Rotterdam, alone. I like Rotterdam, I like (read: need) being on myself every now and then and why not take advantage of the fact that my baby had his first full day Read more…

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18 Nov 2014
Croc pile

I’m in love with these little wooden crocodiles, that try to look tough but meanwhile are the cutest little creatures I can think of. They are designed by Karl Zahn for the lovely AREAWARE (you already know I’m a fan of their wooden toys) and can be stapled in a dozen ways (hence their stage name Read more…

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31 Dec 2013

Growling alligator by Karl Zahn for AREAWARE  

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21 Dec 2013
A weekend in… Antwer...

The bracelet from Wouters & Hendrix that Daan gave me (so sweet!).

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19 Dec 2013
More happy bags!

Oh, how I couldn’t resist the happiness… A while ago, when Daan (= lovely husband) had teared one of my Susan Bijl’s bags between the spokes of his bike (= not so lovely) and I was ready for some new colors (which Susan is always happy to provide), I ordered two new nylon bags from Read more…

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14 Dec 2013

I think I found the perfect Christmas gift for kids. Meet Cubebot. Cubebot was designed by David Weeks for the NY based Areaware that produces the most beautiful wooden everyday objects. As they say: “We believe that appreciation for beauty is central to what it means to be alive and want to embody this principle Read more…

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12 Dec 2013
A weekend in… Antwer...

Pretty jewelry and interior at Wouters & Hendrix.

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