Thank God it’s Good Friday

26 Nov 2014


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I’ve been wanting to tell you more about Goede Vrijdag in Utrecht for a while. It has been open for about six months now and as I mentioned¬†before, it’s really the cutest little coffee bar in town. Located in a former bridge keeper’s house next to the Tolsteeg Bridge (yes, that one) and consisting of less than 30 m2 spread over two floors (yes, for real), Goede Vrijdag functions as a coffee bar, warehouse and concert venue. During the day you can sit down here for a cup of coffee, tea or some specialty soda (make sure you belong to the first 8-10 people getting in, otherwise…. full! (although this week some extra seats were created downstairs, so there is now an escape)). Besides that you are free to buy basically all the stuff (vintage, quirky, a lot) displayed in the place and twice a month a live concert is held in the basement (that can hold around 20 persons standing – yep, tiny is the keyword here). Goede Vrijdag is owned by three guys, all graduates from the University of the Arts Utrecht. Their background in design comes back everywhere you look – the bar, the little benches, most of the lighting, the menus (and I’m probably forgetting a whole lot of other things): it was all designed and made with care by the owners themselves, which really gives it a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Make sure to pay this little treasure a visit!

Update: as of March 2016 Goede Vrijdag has unfortunately been closed. Tiny is nice, but if you’re ambitions are bigger, then it’s time for something new. The owners are still together and active under the name Goede Vrijdag, now mostly organizing party’s and promoting their furniture designs!

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