Nice | Let it shine

21 Dec 2015


DSCF4918 ii

The sun, breaking its way through the streets of Nice, a weekend in October. Perhaps it was driven by the force of love (that of my brother-in-law Paul and his girlfriend Klaske who tied the knot that weekend, to be more precise). Who knows… What I do know is that no matter the forces, we had such a fantastic weekend, just how you want a wedding to be. The people, the atmosphere, the location, the food, the everything (ok, almost everything; I’m still waiting for the dj to make me want to move my body to the rhythm of his sound) (although there is a serious chance that this is just me being too specific about something (again), since everybody else around me was dancing like there was no tomorrow ;)) – it was all great and covered by this special sauce called the Paul & Klaske formula, which consists of a perfect mixture of mutually reinforcing ingredients that, as soon as you have put them together, you can’t really imagine without each other anymore. Anyhow, that force of love, I’m sure it stroke us all that weekend.

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