Maria (II)

09 Aug 2016


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Last time I saw Maria, in October 2014, she was still working underground. Literally, since her workshop was then in a basement (a cosy one, nothing but good things about the basement). Meanwhile things have changed. You could say that two babies have been born: one is mine (Oscar), the other Maria’s new, overground workshop which includes a shop – the first MARIA JOBSE store! Hooray x 2! I missed the shop’s opening in January of this year but finally got a chance to visit last month. As expected, it was perfect (or maybe I should say perfectly imperfect (the location, not the bags, they embody perfection)). Again there was tea and nice chatting. And of course I bought a new MARIA JOBSE bag.* A little black one. After all the little black bag comes right after the little black dress as far as essentials are concerned. Know your essentials!

Make sure to visit: @ Elisabeth Wolffstraat 47-49 in Amsterdam.

* Note to reader: my last planned purchase – this cosy suitcase meant for the office – didn’t proceed. It went on a trip to Tokyo and never came back. That’s a true story!


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