Lunch at Tomek & Suzanne

19 May 2014


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Last Sunday we were invited by Tomek & Suzanne for a full monty 12-course lunch at their ‘living room restaurant’ SMAK. On Saturday SMAK was already open because of the international¬†Restaurant Day, but Tomek and Suzanne decided to open their doors for another day (yay!!). Tomek is a chef, we first met him in a restaurant where he used to work. He got off the radar for a little while when traveling with his lovely girlfriend Suzanne, but we met again in Vaartsche Rijn (one of our favorite restaurants in Utrecht), where he now works. Then there was the Norwegian Night at Ekko (the one I told you about), where Tomek and Suzanne happened to be too. We had a great evening together and were so happy to receive their lunch invitation afterwards. And what a lunch it was… WOW. Out of their tiny kitchen the most incredible dishes appeared, each so pure of taste and so carefully presented. There were a Polish influence (Tomek is from Poland), refined cooking techniques, the loveliest wines and a lot of passion. Below is a little photographic report. Tomek & Suzanne, thanks so much!!!

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