01 Jun 2016


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Oh Johanna, you pretty Johanna. As the ‘new’ addition to The Village family, it was time I paid her a proper visit at last [I already did this months ago, but in between then and now was a biiiig postless zooooone I have only just escaped from, which is why these photos are only finding their way to the blog now]. Because, The Village, that’s what we all want to be part of, don’t we? It all started with this coffee bar at the Voorstraat that changed Utrecht’s coffee bar scene for ever (I’m not sure if there ever was one, but there sure is one now and The Village is on top of its coffee bean chain). Of course this was not enough, so the owners opened a second location in the former prison at Wolvenplein last year, adding cooking, baking and coffee roasting to their repertoire (and probably something else I’m forgetting). Then end of last year, their third child was born: Johanna – named after the big students’ housing complex at Utrecht Science Park/De Uithof, at the ground floor of which the girl lives. You will find the familiar recipe here: good coffee, music (sometimes good, sometimes not my taste, sometimes (ok often ;)) loud*), friendly staff and a nice, well thought-out interior – probably the best of all The Village siblings (check out the ceiling! And my personal favorite: the launderette’s peep-through). A bonus is the great amount of light entering from every corner, which made me want to sit here all day. So, if you are in the neighborhood or feel like cycling (it’s a 15 minute ride from the center of town) (which is nothing of course, so even if you don’t feel like cycling!), make sure to pay Johanna a visit. I’m sure you’ll like her too.

* Am I getting older or is everybody else just getting younger??


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