Is this heaven?

18 Apr 2015


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After the Antwerp afternoon with my friend Josja, I knew it was time to take it one step further: spending a day in Rotterdam, alone. I like Rotterdam, I like (read: need) being on myself every now and then and why not take advantage of the fact that my baby had his first full day at the day care? The perfect treat before heading back to work. Besides visiting some of the usual stuff (Nen Xavier, Wendela van Dijk), there were some new places on my list. And on top – of course – was Susan Bijl‘s new shop. I had missed the opening (child birth – let’s just say I was occupied ;)), but at least I now had the shop to myself – including the owner! It turns out that Susan Bijl is nice as a bag and as a person. If possible (I do doubt that), I’m now even more a fan. Susan Bijl rules.

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